Benefits of Telehealth Services for Your Psychiatric and Physical Health Needs

AvemaPsych & Medical PLLC is a different type of psychiatrist and primary care counselor. We operate *both* online and in person, seeing patients in our local area and also using TeleHealth (remote video through the computer, phone, or tablet) to make sure that our patients get the care they need.

One thing we often find is that many people assume that the best strategy for them is to see someone in person, expecting to get better care. While we do offer in person care, and in person care can be a great way to take care of your overall health, it’s important to note that – over time – many of our patients actually prefer to switch to TeleHealth, and that TeleHealth can offer advantages that are not available with in person care not only for your comfort, but for your diagnosis as well.

Why Would TeleHealth Be Advantageous?

TeleHealth, also called TelePsychiatry and remote medical services, is typically seen as a last resort. Many people think that the only reason to see someone via online video is because they *can’t* get to an office in person.

But that is not the case at all.

Remote medical services can be a way to get seen when no doctor is available in your area. We are licensed in the state of Texas, which allows us to see patients not only in the general Houston area, but also in Dallas, Austin, and even remote cities and towns where no psychiatrist may be present, or cannot accept new patients.

But there are additional advantages as well:

  • TeleHealth makes it easier to get seen. If you need someone fast, it’s easier to fit Telehealth into scheduling in a way that is less possible when in office visits are required, and it’s easier to schedule them yourself knowing you don’t have to worry about the communte.
  • It is safer for the patient. If you’re feeling ill, it’s often safer to stay home. If you’re immunocompromised, any time you go to a doctor’s office you risk illness. Overall, safety is improved by being at home more.
  • Your doctor can see how you live. Every bit of information is helpful, and while there is never any judgment to your living situation, sometimes there is a bit of added information that can be useful.
  • You’ll feel calmer. Most people feel more comfortable in their own home, and when you need to talk about your anxiety, your depression, or your physical health, knowing that you’re in your house can be highly advantageous.

These are just a few advantages to being seen at home. In person has its place, and we certainly see many people at our office, but there is absolutely an advantage to being seen at your property.

So, if you’ve been looking for a psychiatrist, or a primary care physician, and you were convinced you wanted to be seen in person only, you should know that most patients prefer to be seen via Telehealth means. Give it a try. You’ll probably enjoy it.

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