Primary Care Doctor Currently Accepting New Patients in Missouri City, TX

Looking for a Family Doctor in Missouri City, TX? AvemaPsych & Medical PLLC is Able to Take on New Patients for Both Primary Care and Psychiatric Services

AvemaPsych & Medical PLLC is a combination psychiatrist and primary care doctor practice. We believe, at our core, in treating and supporting the *whole* you, because we know that physical and mental health are not separate things, with both of them affecting each other.

We are accepting new patients and are able to treat those in Missouri City, TX, that are looking for a psychiatrist or new doctor to help them with their ongoing medical care. Our primary care services are available for the whole family, and make it easy for you to get support for anyone that needs help with far more flexible scheduling and personalized service.

If you need a doctor in Missouri City, AvemaPsych & Medical PLLC is ready to help. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.

A Doctor for the Long Haul

Did you know that panic attacks can cause symptoms that resemble heart attacks? Did you know that our anxiety levels can increase dramatically from chronic pain?

Our minds and bodies are forever linked, and it is valuable to see someone that is available for the whole you – someone that you can stay with for years, who can get to know you and your family, and make sure that you’re always growing and progressing as healthy as possible.

AvemaPsych & Medical PLLC provides this level of primary care. Our team is here to help connect with you, learn more about you, and provide that personalized service. We have very flexible scheduling and are able to accept new patients and most forms of insurance, so you can turn to us any time you need help.

We provide:

  • Routine Checkups
  • Sports Physicals
  • Preventative Care
  • Acute and Urgent Care
  • Men’s Health Support

Dr. Malik’s extensive background also means that he is able to notice and address issues with mental health along the way. So if you have combined issues, like chronic pain and anxiety, or ADHD and frequent headaches, Dr. Malik is able to look at you as an entire person and make sure the care you are receiving covers all the basis.

Call to Schedule An Appointment at AvemaPsych & Medical PLLC

If you are looking to switch doctors in Missouri City, or you’re new to the area and want a medical professional in Texas that is ready to help you, please contact AvemaPsych & Medical PLLC today. We are gladly accepting new patients, and entire families, and look forward to getting to know you and supporting your long term health.

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