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Psychiatrists vs. Therapists – Why Anxiety Help with a Psychiatrist Can Benefit You

Therapy is one of the most valuable tools that we have available to address mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Those looking for anxiety help in Rosenberg and throughout the Greater Houston area often need to professionals to help support them, and psychologists and therapists are often the first choice.

Therapists are amazing, and the therapies that they use – such as CBT – are highly effective at managing mental health in the long term. But it should be noted that therapy does come with some downsides. The most notable downside is that therapy is a treatment tool for long term management, and many people need help now in order to better cope with their mental struggles.

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One of the reasons that patients often find they benefit from psychiatrists is that psychiatrists can help with both. We are able to provide medication that provides far more immediate relief than therapy typically provides. Most medications work within a short time frame (a few days to a few weeks when taken consistently, depending on the medicine). This provides some much needed immediate relief to help you feel like your life is back under your control.

During this time, patients can also start therapy and engage in other lifestyle changes to better support their long term mental health. But, when a patient is still struggling with anxiety, those therapies can be a lot more difficult. As they find that they get relief from their anxiety symptoms over the course of their psychiatric treatment, they often find that they are also better able to engage in therapy and integrate the changes they need to see long term relief.

Therapy is still amazing. But severe anxiety – or any mental health condition, for that matter – can make it difficult to see the benefits of therapy, because if your life is struggling it is often hard to see the value that therapy offers. Psychiatrists provide medication and support that can help you get over that hurdle and start seeing more progress in your mental health.

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