Common Risk Factors for Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a mental and behavioral disorder that can impact mental, physical, and emotional health. Many studies link substance abuse to anger issues, depression, dementia, chronic illness, and mood disorders. Luckily substance abuse is remediable with collaborative treatment. Avoidance and prevention are still better than cure to address substance abuse. Here are some common risk factors for substance abuse to keep in mind:

  • Mental Health Disorders
    Many people with mental health issues like depression use substances like drugs to cope or as a form of escape from their daily struggles. Talking about mental health issues can be difficult, but not addressing mental health problems can lead to other issues like substance abuse. Patients can consider services like therapy to address mental health problems and substance abuse.
  • Early Use
    Using drugs or drinking alcohol at an early age can cause chemical changes in the body and brain that can increase the risk of substance abuse in the future. We offer mental health care in Sugar Land, Texas, to help reduce your risk of substance abuse if you have been using substances early and want to avoid developing a habit of substance abuse. 
  • A Family History of Addiction
    Studies show that genetics have a 40%-60% chance of influencing substance abuse and addiction. Levels of dopamine in the brain can be inherited. High levels of dopamine can lead to poor impulse control, increasing the chances of addictive behavior. 

We offer telepsychiatry services in Texas to help you address mental health issues like addiction, depression, and more. Call AvemaPsych & Medical PLLC at 281-762-0659 for more information.

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