Substance Use Disorders: Types and Causes

Neglected responsibilities, sudden weight loss, and impaired coordination — these are just a few signs a loved one may be struggling with substance use disorder. Substance abuse is characterized by the recurring use of drugs and/or alcohol that causes functional and clinical impairment. Treatment for substance use disorder may include mental health and primary care services in Texas.

As a leading provider of telepsychiatry services in Texas, we will discuss the different types of substance use disorders and their causes:

  • Types of Substance Use Disorders
    The main types of substance use disorders are alcohol use disorder and drug use disorder. Individuals with the former require medical services as they may experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not drinking. They may also exhibit compulsive alcohol use and loss of control over how much alcohol they consume.

    Meanwhile, drug use disorder can include prescription medications or illegal drugs. The symptoms of drug use disorder include sudden weight loss, drastic changes in behavior, absenteeism, and lack of motivation or energy. This affects one’s health, career, and relationships.
  • Causes of Substance Use Disorders
    There are common factors that increase the risk of substance use disorders, such as:
    • Relationship issues, divorce, or the loss of a loved one.
    • A family history of addiction.
    • Chronic pain, sleep problems, or health problems.
    • Financial difficulties.
    • High-stress levels and a tense home environment.

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