Taking Care of Both Body and Mind

Physical pain may cause stress and anxiety that impacts the mind. Similarly, stress and anxiety can manifest physically, causing chronic pains. 

It’s safe to say that our physical health and mental health are intertwined. And one is as important as the other. Thus, both should get the same amount of care and attention. 

If you know how our physical and mental health affects each other, you know the importance of integrative care that caters to both. You would appreciate it if you could get medical services that give value to your overall well-being. 

At AvemaPsych & Medical PLLC, we integrate psychiatric care into primary care. That promotes convenience and accessibility, allowing patients to get both treatments from one provider. It results in a more comprehensive treatment plan that meets their exact needs. 

Integrating mental health care services into our primary care services in Texas allow us to be more collaborative when it comes to treating patients. Aside from the teamwork of our medical and psychiatric professionals, we also get our patients involved in their journey to healing. 

We do all this to reduce the stigma around mental health diagnoses. It is to normalize talking about mental health problems like how we talk about physical illnesses. By giving equal importance to mental health services, we can care for patients as we should. 

Those who seek mental health care in Sugar Land, Texas, can consult or visit us anytime. We offer different services for your physical and mental care needs. 

You can also opt for our telepsychiatry services in Texas to eliminate the hassle of traveling. Through this, you can avail yourself of the mental health services we provide in the comfort and safety of your home.

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